Touch MedionThe Touch Medion has been introduced with the facilitation of the X9613. It got released in Frankfurt recently. This is a 24 inch all new PC with a touch screen monitor that you will savor. When you get used to it you will find it even more useful than the HP, ASUS as well as MSI.

This fresh model is about greater amount of technical data storage facility than about better performance. It is extremely stylish in design and is a medium of host of facilities. It works at 2.O Ghz and has NVida GeForce graphics card GT240M.

It is also quite high in its value but one cannot say it will compromise on the value of picture and video quality. Its technical details make for the high price as that really brings a whole lot of solutions that were unexpected among touch screen PCs before. The computer can work on an Intel Core 2 Quad processor.

 sCredit: flickr

There are several specifications that keep this all new raving PC effective and working at top class. For instance, it works well on Intel Core dual Quad processor, 7 Home Premium for the time being.


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