hi-2000-seat-top.gifBuilt-in bidets are used in most toilets in Japan and in some other countries but all of them are not operated with a remote control. The Blooming Bidet has been especially designed to give you full control and elegance over the toilet experience. Whether it is water spray intensity or the hot air dryer now its control will be in your hand

Things often get out of control but privates are sensitive and little bit error can be injurious. To avoid such errors, a huge stop button has been designed to keep your privates away from bad experiences and pains. You can just hit this stop button to bring things under control.

There is no flush button as flushing is done automatically but it would be a nice idea if it is added as it can be useful for the occasional blockage. There is a pressure sensor, LED underwater nightlight and built-in controls are found below the right thigh


You will enjoy a hands free toileting experience from beginning to end. It has two adjustable nozzles that provide a complete after and before wash and you need not any toilet paper because there is a heated air dryer.

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