contac-lensA report says that experts believe that the Contact Lens TV will be available in the market in a decade’s time. The report was generated by The Future Laboratory.

The continuing development in miniature technology will lead to the development of Contact Lens TV screens allowing watching TV with shut eyes. These will be tiny TV screens which will be worn just like a contact lens.

Ian Pearson a Futurologist said, “It doesn’t matter to the lens whether your eyes are open or shut, You will just pop it in your eye in the morning and take it out at the end of the day”.

He also told about the appearance, “They will work just like normal contact lenses, they will be pain free and you will be able to see normally through them”.”The only hint that they are in your eye may be a slight tint”.


It is thought to be a revolutionary step as one will have no need to approach the sofa and reserve a place in front of the television set. He said, “So you could watch the news with your eyes shut as you wake up, or watch a video on the train.”


The lens is developed to work with a combination of lasers and micro mirrors. Its estimated cost is 400 pounds.
The report states that this invention will be revolutionary as it will bring ‘feel’ to the viewer by watching a movie so close.

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