twitter-logoTwitter has once again changed its @reply system and now a confusing option has been removed that will help newcomers to get appeased on the site.

The @reply system allows users to make a semi-public conversation with other Twitter users and keeps you away from the conversation that you don’t want to listen into.

An option to receive all @reply messages has also been included and it will allow you to get messages from any user that you are following on the site. This would definitely increase noises, but at the same time you would be able to get exposure to the new comers at the site and take part in the conversation that you missed out otherwise.

Many have been found it quite nice, but it seems that Twitter is going to kill that option just it caused too much confusion for a large number of people.


A post on Twitter blog has all this: “To better reflect the way people are using Twitter, we have applied a Notices section on its Settings and in this way we will be able to better provide a way to people for their replies.

It has been noticed that many people get confused when they get replies from a person they want to look for. And all it has been based on the feedback and usage pattern of the Twitter followers. So, the users would be confused anymore and we have removed that undesirable object.”

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