According to the survey report of US Geological the twitter helps to monitor and manage the earthquakes. In this report about earthquakes this twitter can help very well. Twitter is a tool which used to monitor the earthquakes. When this tool of twitter used in the survey of U.S geological team, the obtained much better result when the people take action when earthquake happen. Leave the question of the peoples who thing about felt like doing in the middle of a major earth tremor.

In this case the peoples felt that it seems that there are still some hardcore Twitters that like to tweet the fact that their life is potentially soon over. This thinks aside the back and goes to the twitter real reaction of the people about the earthquake and U.S geological get the better result about the monitoring of the earthquake.  This is why the most people like the twitter to monitor the earthquake.

According to the U.S geological department which get the better result about the earth quake to take much experiment and get the result and said about the twitter.

“Twitter messages start coming out in the seconds after an earthquake whereas, depending of the region, scientifically derived information can take 2-20 minutes.”

“Twitter provides a stream that dumps out the tweets ad infinitum,” said USGS software engineer Michelle Guy.