Twitter Incorporation has limited the number of keystrokes up to 140 per message. This move has been referred to as copying the old telegraph style.

Twitter has been known as a free space for all kinds of boundless expressions, live footage postings, sharing with every one without restriction. It all has been free, now this restricted keys stroke is a step towards revenue generation.

These money making measures are intended to take place in the coming summer. Yet the results are suspected due to the present financial crisis. Regardless of the speculations, Evan Williams, co-founder Twitter Inc., says, “We don’t see any reason why this can’t be a very large and profitable entity.”

Twitter is a renowned and sensational website ranking with YouTube, MySpace and Facebook in fame and usage. More than 6 million people are currently using Twitter and posting their comments and personal experiences on the site.

Facebook offered Twitter Inc. a takeover in exchange of $500 million, which was rejected. The increase fame Twitter is gaining is mostly due the postings made by famous personalities. These personalities include Barack Obama, with more than 265,000 peoples tracking hi smessage, which have not come on site since he became president.


Other personalities include basketball star Shaquille O’Neal and MC Hammer former rap music celebrity. Anyone can post a comment by setting up a free account; these messages and comments are known as ‘tweets’. Tweets can be now sent through a mobile phone or computer.

Twitter has been widely acclaimed as a current news breaker.