Twitter locks out victims of latest worm attack

TwitterDo any of you do microblogging or socializing from various social sites? If you do, do you declare real personal information such as you address, email add, birthday and other information that may lead to or give a hint to anybody who wants to steal from your accounts? Then let this be a warning to you.

Just recently, the fast growing social site of had to implement a very desperate measure to win back control of the site. This is due to attack of another worm that’s bugging twitter’s system.

Many Twitter users got their account lock up last weekend by the twitter administrator due to clicking a very misleading tweet of “Best Video”. The said tweet doesn’t really contain video link but instead, the link will direct to and to a code that is designed to steal your password.

To avoid further damage, administrators decided to automatically suspend the accounts of those who clicked that “best video” link while they are working to clean the site. They also widely released a notice over the net to warn their members not to go to domains no matter how good is that “best video” looks.

But did not give any time frame for how long they will suspend those members account. Many members now are hoping that could clean the site, the soonest possible and to have their account back.

On the other hand, many members now found a new way to get rid of those unwanted or annoying account using this link.

Source: techradar

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