Right now, Twitter Search only looks for content within tweets that are posted on the site, but now Twitter’s VP for operations Jayaram Santoish  has confirmed that Twitter Search will soon start searching posts and crawl links of the pages besides the tweets.

It will make Twitter a lot more effective to index all those what’s currently on in the online world and will also make it a lot more credible competitor to Google Search for all those who want to have their desired content instantly and without much fuss.

A reputed ranking system will also be introduced in the Twitter Search quite soon and whenever some search on trending topic will be done, the reputation of that person will also be considered.

Though it hasn’t been explained what would be the procedure to calculate the reputation, but according to Jayaram, it’s being figured out by Twitter search engineers. However, it will make Twitter Search quite valuable and especially with the ranking system it will be quite easier for to get the valued content instead of swamped retweets.


The most promising aspect of Twitter right now is Twitter Search, but at the same time, it’s working on a small scale right now and the real power of the site lies in its process of aggregating data and perhaps because of this very process, Google and many other companies has been trying their best to acquire Twitter.

( Source: News.cnet.com )

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