twitter-logo2Enough is enough! There are new problems and pains for Twitter every now and then and they seem somewhat unending for the site.

We have got quite habitual to various quirky phenomena like lost of profile images and occasional downtime that have been targeting the website for quite sometime. But now it seems to cross all the limits.

A post appeared on Twitter official blog this morning revealed that the site was facing problem regarding profile photos, phone settings and direct messages misdelivery.

According to Twitter, it occurred because of because of some data inconsistency problem in their service.

Another blog post that appeared this morning stated that they have fixed the problem and now everything is in right place again. Though the problem was quite significant, yet the good thing is that no loss of data and almost everything has been rightly fixed there.


Functionality problem is another issue, but what if direct messages misdelivery occurred and your messages are sent to wrong persons and what if Facebook or Gmail start to send your messages to wrong person.

It’s a right move from Twitter that they reported the issue on their blog and didn’t put users in a confused state anymore who were getting messages from people they didn’t even know.  But this sort of incident shouldn’t have happened.

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