twitter-logo1On early Sunday, some unwanted messages began to appear on some users’ pages at Twitter; they were being posted by a worm named Mikkey, a creation of Brooklyn resident teen-ager Michael who did so to get rid of boredom and drew people’s attention towards the flaw of micro blogging site.

“MikeyyMikeyy is done ….Mikeyy I am done,” and “Twitter please fix that” were some messages that appeared on the site early Sunday.

In an interview with CNET, 17 years old Michael told that he created that bug to get rid of boredom.

“I had thought about it later, but I did that to get out of boredom, and I couldn’t even imagine that it would spread so far without getting any fix from Twitter.”

Michael also told that he has created many other PC worms as well and he is quite hopeful to get a security analyst job one day. He further told that his other created worm were not much damaging.


He said he was feeling somewhat overwhelmed after getting too much attention for this creation and now more and visitors are there on its new live site and it’s mainly due to the worm.

On the other hand, Twitter says that the hole has been closed now and the worm is allowed to spread. “We are taking serious some serious steps for the removal of offending updates and the holes have been closed that caused the worm to spread.”