A number of waterproof MP3 players are available in the market with the claim of being “The world’s smallest” but if it is asked about their competence and effectiveness under water, majority of music-loving swimmers tell that these so-called “The world smallest” MP3 players do not serve the purpose. Most of them have such flaws in their designs and technique that enjoying music while swimming is a far off thing, you can’t even swim properly in their presence. Yeah! It is a fact that most of the waterproof headphones available in the market are ordinary and poorly designed that proves ineffective under water. Usually, these wearable versions slip off while swimming and it becomes very difficult to retrieve them under water. So, the others enjoy swimming while you indulge in retrieving your MP3 player.

Now another waterproof device uCan MP3 player from Ubana is available in the market that has been especially designed keeping in view the flaws and defects of the available wearable MP3 players in the market. The device offers another method to enjoy and relax when the swimmers are busy in beating the waves. The good thing is that it has been so tactfully designed that it can’t be easily fall or slip off while swimming or diving and if by chance it slips off, it keeps floating up and it can be easily retrieved.

It has 1GB storage space, playback time around 15 hours and the highest working range at 10feet below sea level.
No doubt Ubana’s uCan looks less bulky than the other available models in the market secondly it has been designed so well that it looks least probable to fall or slip off.

Its true there are not many commendable waterproof headphones available in the market but we can hope Ubana’s uCan will be according to the expectations of the users It will give swimmers a chance to enjoy music besides mastering the mighty waves.

One thing is certain that it will not slip off or if by chance it happens, it floats and can be easily retrieved.
Swimman-modified iPod shuffle is no doubt a smaller than uCan but you have to buy headphones separately for this device.

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