Who do you think would be the biggest web surfers in the world? Well, if you want to find, the results of a large scale internet survey show that they are British housewives who spend nearly fifty percent of their free time over the internet.

This huge survey (involving more than 27,000 people) revealed that in 16 countries, UK housewives were at top in the Internet use. It was found that an average housewife in the UK, spend nearly 47% of her free time in web-surfing.

While students were at number second who spend 39% of their free time online.

The survey also showed that out of 2500 British respondents, nearly 58% told that they had met up with the people in real life after getting acquainted with someone online.

The survey also uncovered some other astonishing facts as Brits told that their 25% friends were ‘online-only’.

In many countries of the world, Internet has turned into somewhat like an addiction and Governments of these countries are planning to censor online content. Perhaps, you know well, why theses govts had to consider such steps.

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