Twitter via MMS

Twitter via MMSUK has had a huge cultural impact all over the world with their reach in everything from music to literature, sports and food habits, you name it and it is there. Now it is time for MMS and Twitter to make mega splashes across the world to be able to reach out to you in a big way.

Orange UK has turned Twitter SMS with some of the greatest add-on features that can bring about Orange UK users with higher and smarter facilities of MMS. MMS or picture messages have been created through Snapshots.

The creation of Snapshot along with the MMS has been one of the greatest inventions coming over through Twitter. It is very simple to activate and use. Taking a photo on your mobile phone is pretty easy and then you send it through MMS or via the Send multimedia message. This can be sent through 8644.

Twitter does not bring great service through the sending options via your friends but then the carrier’s standard can be applied through new rates and supplication. This can be tried to bring about a new text message with the shortcode, 86444.

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