The annual ICT Development Index, which was compiled by the International Telecommunication Union, has ranked UK as the 10th most developed country in the world of communication and information technology, but this position is not quite remarkable as it lags behind other European neighbors as the prices of fast speed internet are quite higher in the UK.

In this indexing UK has been placed at tenth in world and it’s ahead of the likes of Germany and the United States, but the country fell behind Korea, Sweden and Denmark.

The index takes 11 pointers into one single measure that was used as global benchmarking tool as well as at regional and country level tool.

They relate to ICT access, skills and use of various technologies like households with different internet users as well the number of internet users with their certain literacy levels.

In this ranking, different Northern European countries are dominating and Korea is the only country that is from some other continent.

Sweden enjoyed the top most position in this ranking while Korea at number two position with Denmark, Holland, Iceland, Norway, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Finland and, in tenth place, the UK.

But instead of this IDI placing, there wasn’t any good news in the newest statistics of Union on pricing.