Asus’ CEO Jerry Shen says that a new Eee PC with less than $187 cost will be available during next year.

In an interview with Laptop Mag, Asus’ CEO Jerry Shen urges that Eee range is not going to creep up above the 10 inch range, however, he confirmed that a touch-screen netbook will be available in the market in mid 2009 with the price range that might expand downwards or up.

“During the next year, some more exciting products will be available with the price range from $250 to $700.” It sparks hopes that the £150 price barrier in the UK will be beaten and it will create the same stir as the original 701 did.

“A new model will be announced in Q1 and Q2 of 2009.The models are quite cool and exciting with stylish design.”

“We have done a lot of hard work to integrate five sense innovation and we want make it certain that innovation has a long battery life and low temperatures.

“We want fast boot up times, a very long battery life, low temperatures and quiet performance for our users.”
Netbooks have already proved quite successful in the UK and there are hopes that an ultra cheap newEee book will be even more successful.

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