University bookstore likely to have Fujitsu’s new T 5010 tablet Pc on display in July


Nothing has been said about exact date of release but the Virginia Tech University bookstore is likely to have the models of Fujitsu’s T 5010 tablet Pc on display in July. While considering specs well-aimed, you can look forward to this T5010 with 13.3-inch LED backlit WUXGA display, a 45 nm Core, unspecified, Core 2 Duo processor,2GB of RAM, a 120GB hard disk, built-in DVD burner, Intel graphics besides the fingerprint reader and built-in webcam. Including an all-in-one HP printer, it will cost you $1,999.
About Fujitsu

Fujitsu, a Japanese company headquartered in Tokyo, is a manufacturer of semiconductors, computers and engaged in telecommunications and services as well. It has 500 subsidiary companies worldwide with 160,000 employs. IBM is its main competitor while NEC is its historical domestic rival.


Fujitsu T 5010 tablet Pc

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