“The world’s first consumer product application of USB 3.0″ will be shown for the first time by Seagate at this year’s CES. This Seagate USB has an external FreeAgent HDD coming with a USB 3.0 storage controller built by Symwave.

Symwave is delighted to work with Seagate. Yossi Cohen, president and CEO of Symwave says, “Symwave is honored to be working with Seagate in this show of the first USB 3.0 solution in a real world application of data backup, storage and media streaming,”.

Symwave is happy not only because they have worked with Seagate, but also because they are part and parcel of developing and producing a new revolutionary innovation.

The launch was announced back in November, at the SuperSpeed USB Developer’s Conference, but no details were provided then. Even now, the product will be available for testing purposes, not for shipping.

It s like a dream come true for the speed crazy people. With the new features, the existing USB 2.0 will be left behind a long way, as the USB 3.0 is ten times faster. President and chairman of the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), said “SuperSpeed USB is the next advancement in ubiquitous technology.”

He further adds, “Today’s consumers are using rich media and large digital files that need to be easily and quickly transferred from PCs to devices and vice-versa.”

“SuperSpeed USB meets the needs of everyone from the tech-savvy executive to the average home user.” It has a superb capability of transferring with a speed of 480 Mbits/sec. It is ideal for large file transfers as it can go up to the speed of 5 Gbits/sec.

Besides speed, it is considered to be power economical too. The launch is anxiously awaited so that everyone can ride the speed boat.

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