The missing memory stick, which contained troop operation maps that were used in Japan-U.S. military exercises, were not lost but stolen by a 33-year-old captain of Ground Self-Defense Force (GSDF).
The captain not only stole the memory stick but also 2,000 yen in cash with 10,000 yen airline coupon in February last year.

On May 24 last year, the GSDF announced that the captain had been suspended for 60 days on the charge of stealing money and coupon but it covered up the stealing of the memory stick.
According to Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba‘s justification the forces kept back the loss of the flash drive because they feared that the information might spread more if some people looked for it on the Internet.

During the last year, a GSDF‘s lieutenant colonel borrowed the memory stick that had those troops deployment maps which were used for Japan-U.S. joint military exercises during 8 to 16 February .The Colonel lent the stick to a first class sergeant first who lost it.

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