It’s not a skeleton in the closet sort of issue; any one who knows little can easily observe that Apple’s “one size fits all” approach to its iPhone and iPod touch Software is pretty perky. Nokia’s N95 8 GB versions for North America has just got Software refresh just due to kind consideration of Nokia. What is new, that’s what you are thinking about? Yeah you have guessed it right it is almost the same as other available v20 firmware.

N95-4 owners had enjoyed similar functionality that N95 North American users had been looking for. There was a decisive but false start during the previous month and we were compelled to think that the update of N95 8GB for the North American users wouldn’t be avoided even for long after public outcry. In any situation just begin to back your 8GBSs up and get ready to have an exhaustive manual reinstalling all the apps.

No question about speed and performance that has been brought about that v20 firmware too and it would be a pleasing worth while experience. It’s our longing that Nokia could pin the updating related thing already. The speed gains compensate all that irritation so think mull over further and get ready to have an update. But who has time for it.

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