For its Europe customers, Sony has recently announced two new Vaios: an intriguing all-in-one Vaio JSI PC and an NSI series notebook. Both these devices have been particularly developed keeping home users in mind.

You may see Sony’s well-known Vaio brand in business as well as in home flavors, however the inclusions of the Vaio NSI and Vaio JS1 provides some breadth to the latter.

Apparently, the NS1 seems to promise design, values and quality bring together that creates a well balanced and everyday users’ accessible notebook.

It comes with the X-Black LCD widescreen display, a 15.4-inch screen size, a wide range of colors and Draft-N wireless networking. You can also add Blu-ray in that list if you are willing to pick the flagship of the range.
People who don’t want a PC to take up too much room, the Vaio S1 is, indeed, a right choice.

It becomes an attractive prospect with a compact keyboard, 3GB RAM, an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 500GB HDD.

Marketing director for Sony’s Vaio in Europe, Hidetoshi Takigawa, said “ This has been especially designed for those users who want exceptional features , charming design and ease of use together.”