Valve made the Steam Deck console CAD files publicly available

Sales of the new handheld console Steam Deck will begin February 25 this year. At the same time the developer of the console, the company Valve, has already posted in the public domain CAD-files. With their help you can print the console body on a 3D printer yourself.

Valve Steam Deck

CAD-files will be useful for modifiers, they will allow to hold the console case in hand before the official start of sales of the device.

Earlier user Cary Golomb has published comparative pictures of Steam Deck console with other consoles. Judging by the published images, Steam Deck has got quite big dimensions.

The files can be downloaded from here and used under a Creative Commons license. They include an STP model, an STL model, and DWG drawings for reference that will come in handy for accessory builders and allow you to print an exact copy of the device on a 3D printer.

Previously, Valve said it was interested in releasing different colors of Steam Deck on the market, but at the moment the priority for the company is to meet the demand for the standard black version of the console. It's possible that unofficial custom backs in alternate designs or full replacement cases will soon be available.

Users who booked the Steam Deck in the first wave will begin receiving emails to pay for their console order on February 25. Shipments will begin on February 28.

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