Valve released Proton 7.0

The new version of the software brings with it support for Epic's Easy Anti-Cheat system.

Less than two weeks before the release of its Steam Deck handheld, Valve has released a new version of its Proton 7.0 software. The updated software brings with it support for Epic's Easy Anti-Cheat system.

It is reported that the DXVK "layer" based on Vulkan technology for Direct3D has moved to version 1.9.4. The update includes numerous bug fixes and performance improvements. Linux users can now run even more Windows-only Steam games.

Among other things, Proton 7.0 added support for local H.264 video decoding, improved support for Steam controllers in games from Origin, and other improvements and fixes. Steam Deck now supports 630 games in the Steam library, including 356 hand-checked by Valve employees and the remaining 274 run using the updated Proton.

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