This is the new star in Blurrycam photoshoot. This model has received rave reviews from several critics. The launch of Glyde was not that spectacular but it looks like a dream and charmed many people. Shots of Glyde 2 from HowardsForums have already enthralled many holding a higher expectation from the new version.

The bottom slides out in an interesting manner while the TouchWizard is really worth what it is named after. There will be great action to be expected on the screen with its nice and big spaciousness.

The Verizon logo comes right above the screen. Nothing has been noted on an official way but for now the farthest edge of the seat and feel of the browsing keys seem to be really appealing, making this device an interesting one.

The device is promised to be a star with all its assorted interesting features intended to be of great use to all.

Source: engadget

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