Video card prices continue to fall and will fall even more. Nvidia confirmed it

The company has piled up a lot of RTX 30 series graphics cards

Nvidia has a large inventory of its RTX 30 series GPUs and is cutting prices ahead of the launch of its next new products, the company announced in last week's earnings report.

"Because we have been manufacturing for such a dynamic market, we have accumulated excess inventory," Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang told investors. - Our primary strategy is to reduce inventory over the next couple of quarters to adjust our channel inventory. We have also implemented programs to price position our products to prepare for the next generation of products."

Demand for Nvidia graphics cards remained stable until early this year, when revenue from Nvidia's gaming segment fell 33% from a year ago.

"The decline in gaming GPU revenue was sharper than expected," Nvidia CFO Colette Kress acknowledged during last week's earnings report. - Macroeconomic headwinds around the world have led to a sudden slowdown in consumer demand. We have implemented programs with our gaming channel partners to adjust pricing on current high-performance desktop GPUs as we prepare for the launch of a new architecture."

The source confirms that the company has begun to lower prices as there are still plenty of RTX 30 series cards on the shelves as its RTX 40 series cards are almost ready for release.


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