fbi-logoAssociated Press reports that the US Marshals Service and the FBI had to shut down some parts of their computer networks when they got under attack by a mysterious virus

A US Marshals Service spokesman confirms that their services have disconnected from the computer networks at Justice Department as there were speculations of its hitting with a computer virus. On the other hand, an FBI spokesperson just confirmed that they were also facing the same sort of issue.

Mike Kortan, a spokesman for FBI says that: “We are facing some problems in our unclassified and external network that is affecting a large number of other US Govt. agencies.”

The type and origin of this virus is not known yet, however, spokespersons from the two agencies have told that they shut down their email and internet access after evaluating that issue.


These agencies are required to report some security issues to Government regulations, but a call to CERT late Thursday for comment wasn’t received instantly.

Source: news.cnet.com

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