Voting Open for T3 Gadget Awards 2009

You could just end up winning a Playstation 3 if you cast your vote on your favorite gadgets in Playstation 3. This might even turn around the whole list of Apple’s top gadgets list of the year. Your vote is thereby precious and required!

The voting is now open and the UK’s best gadget list will soon be completed with a compiled list of over 150 various articles. This will then come to a top 18 must-have category list which will make to the Gadget Oscars.

This cheekily called tradition of announcing the top gadgets of the year always makes for a high quality affair. For this mega deal to take place the T3 Gadget Awards 2009 live event will also take place. There will be some really cool spot prizes to be won through this live event. You could be expected to grab anything from a Roberts DAB radio to even a PS3 but you are in high chance to win something or the other. You actually get to share your understanding and love for latest gadgets by participating in this cool contest.

It is based on people’s choice or rather the choices of the definite techy freaks. So it would be rather cool to extend your passion towards this event if you are already a gizmo geek!

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