W350i: a flip walkman handset by Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson’s W350i is an unusual but slim walkman cellphone.  Technically speaking, it’s neither slider, nor a clamshell and you can’t even say it a traditional candybar handset.




Just like Sony Ericsson’s T28 of the early 2000s, it has a fold-out flap that covers the keypad if not in use.  However, you can use its exterior MP3 player controls even with its closed flap. You can see the handset’s Walkman application even with the closed flap and you need not to navigate through menus to use the walkman with dedicated buttons.


Though it is a fairly low-end Walkman handset with only 2.5G, you will surely feel specific sort of pleasure to use it. The always impressive and attractive Sony Ericsson GUI makes navigating simple and easier through its unique features. It has a glossy and large keypad with easy to depress buttons.




It has only 14MB of memory inside but you can store music on Sony removable Memory Stick Micro cards as you will find a 512MB card in its box.  It also has a 176×220-pixel screen, 1.3-mp camera, Bluetooth, FM radio, email and RSS support. But there is, indeed, something tragic about as it doesn’t have 3.5mm headphone socket and for plugging in your headphones you have to use the supplied adaptor. Isn’t it a shame! Sony Ericsson!


There is MP3 as well as ACC but yet there is mercy shown for some subscription services. The music functionality is impressive and dedicated and offer real pleasure to those music lovers who can’t sleep without listening music. It is, without any doubt, bombastic so far quality of the sound is concerned.




It is available on many networks for free on a contract; you will have to pay around £90 as you go or for SIM-free or unlocked about £130.



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