Wasabi- New inkless printer from Dell

wasabiWe know well that majority of people use their cell phones just to make calls, and send and receive messages. But there are some who like to use their devices for other things and this new Wasabi printer from Dell is a right choice for them.

This is light and slight with its just 4.8×2.8×0.9-inches measures and 7lbs weight. This new inkless printer can print through Bluetooth from your laptop as well as cell phones and USB. But if you have Apple’s iPhone, don’t reckon yourself lucky enough as this inkless printer is not compatible with it.

When it comes to printing images, you can print them to a 2×3-inch size.

The distinguishing feature of this new Wasabi is that it doesn’t consume any ink at all to print the things, as it utilizes paper with Zinc imaging that embeds specific yellow, cyan dye and magenta crystals. To develop the images, it heats up some specific parts of the paper.


According to Wendy Caswell who is Zink Imaging president, “This new Dell Wasabi will be the fourth product to be made available with Zink technology and there are many other in process that will be able to produce large prints.”




The printer is available now with a promotional price tag of $99 and soon the price will be $149 on regular basis.

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