Yahoo boss Carol Bartz believes that they are still outperforming Google in certain areas; she said that by defending her ailing organization at the All Things Digital D7 conference.

“No doubt, Google is doing remarkably well in search and some other things like maps, as it has been reported at ATD, but at the same time, they do not have the same reach and position what we have right now.”

“People seem to connect Google when they need to search something, while for us people come to be informed, and we are trying to do our best to become more personal than Google and right now our search engine accounts for nearly 20% searches on the internet.”

Bartz also pointed that they are still willing to relinquish their search business, but only when Microsoft agrees to come with the right technology and boatloads of money.

Apparently, the two companies are still in talks, but they are going on quite slowly and it seems to choke those rumors that surfaced with the LiveSearch update from Microsoft and that is expected to be unveiled at the D7 conference.

Right now Yahoo seems to focus on hyper local market that provides related information of the context for the things that users usually think about. And on Yahoo sports, users can watch their videos for Flip videos.

Bartz is also looking for streamlining the key characteristics of the company and also trying to make internet experience on cell phone as forceful and compelling as on the PCs.