Many reckon StreetView perfect, but mind it, it’s a year old now and Google can realize this well and that’s why a refreshingly new Webcams layer has just been unveiled by the search giant.

You will find an excessively great amount of square boxes on your map just after clicking on the given Webcam option on Google Maps. But if you don’t find it, you need to type webcam in the given search bar of the Maps.

If you pick any of these options, a recent image from this webcam will appear in front, but according to some tests the given Webcam ooptin is able to look for maps in the United States.


TechCrunch says that provides feeds for the layer and that’s why they are updated continuously. But don’t think that you will be able to see moving footage; all you will find is a still image of the clicked place.

This is, indeed, a nice move by Google. No doubt, StreetView that released in the UK, was a nice service, but still it contained some out of date images.

Once the new service lands in UK, it will allow you to know about the traffic flow on different roads before starting your journey. Similarly, it can be very handy to look waves’ movements on far off shores. Wikipedia entries, public transit and Youtube videos are some other layers that you can move on.