Le Trung, a Canadian inventor has invented a robot wife named Aiko.

He has brought out the fem-robot from his basement where he has been experimenting on her since 2007. This robot has been invented by him basing his personal finances. For further finances he has requested people in general.

It is quite interesting to note that if you want to donate clothes, do not opt for denim, as the delicate ‘lady’ can’t wear denim. Her silicon skin can’t bear tough stuff like denim and turns blue.

Though Aiko seem to you like any other ordinary robot, it can prove to be a step forward in medical science world too; Aiko comes with pain sensors, that is, she/it is able to mimic pain. This technology can be helpful for those who are born with amputation or face it later on. It is the first android of the type.

Other than pain, it has many other functions, control up to 8 cameras with IEEE 1394 interface, 2 sensors, including gyro and accelerometer, micro controller, servo motors, automation, speech, math, reading, color, motion, face, and 3-D Object recognitions , AI conversation, and interaction with the surrounding. It forecast the weather also suggesting the type of the clothes to be worn.

It is 5 ft tall and has a data base of 13000 sentences. The artificial intelligence has been provided by B.R.A.I.N.S.

Le Trung hopes to do more: “I know that it is still a long journey before a fully-functioning human-like android can be created, but as with any journey, one step at a time.”