Best Browser

There are continuous changes and progresses in everything especially the technical zone. Net is one of the fastest paced areas that undergo changes pretty soon than any other.

People all around the world use it and want to see changes and developments bringing speed and performance efficiency better ever than before.

Many leading net browsers are available today to surf the net world with utmost efficiency. Now let us see which one of the leading, most widely used web browser is highly acclaimed and why! Different browsers are made keeping different items on priority lists. Hence they hold their separate positions and standings gathering unique liking levels amongst users.


The most successful browser can be the one which has more features that attract most of the users and make them stick to that even with the change in versions. Amongst Firefox, Chrome, IE and Safari, let us compare, contrast and evaluate the best.


Interface/Look: #1: Google Chrome

On the first level, the interface and look of the browser counts a lot. It is to be seen that which is the browser that looks more easy to use and the tabs are visible enough and the important tags are properly highlighted according to their preferences.

Browsers have different looks with changed address bar placing like Apple dumped its OS X interface to match the colorfully designed Windows looks.

As far as interface is concerned, Google Chrome is on the top with its tab lay out. Firefox’s interface is function based than good impressive look. Safari has the quality of showing bookmarks, favorites, and browsing history similar to iTunes.


Features/ Characteristics: #1: Firefox

The most easily extensible browser is Firefox with so many add-on options which none other gives.

Other browsers like IE also have the same options but not as extensively as are on Firefox. Chrome and Safari too are not expandable like Firefox.


Performance Results: #1: Safari

Marking the performance of each browser on memory footprint with a single open page, Safari becomes the winner in the race. Each browser has different memory requirements, which are as follows:

(1) Safari 4 beta 985.6ms / 1,079.6ms
(2) Firefox 3.1b3 2,221.2ms / 2,232.4ms
(3) Chrome 1.0.154 1,332.4ms / 1,371.2ms
(4) IE8 RC1 5,804.2ms / 5,834.6ms


The above figures refer to everyday JavaScript browsing. In speed, Chrome was fast, Firefox was also good, but IE was slower than was expected.


Security: #1: Firefox And Chrome

All browsers provide the security to users to protect their data and machinesFirefox from damages after being infected with virus.

Browsers provide various kinds of restricting options like Porn Mode, block pop-ups, clear history, protection from phishing and other net interferences.

While protecting the computers from crashing, Chrome has been copied by IE. It performs separate checks for each tab allowing the user to ‘end process’ for any tab that has a troubling site. Whereas, in Chrome, there is a tab manager; Shift+Esc that allows to stop the working right there in the browser.

This prevents the browser to shut down even its needed to run, like IE shuts down if there is some ill causing a crash.


The Best Of 4: Firefox

Although all the browsers are good at their place, but still Firefox is the one that wins over the others due to its ecosystem that allows easy add-ons.

Firefox is rather an advanced browser comparing to others which allows doing things quicker. Chrome is not even strong technically to support everyday net tasks until a few more features are added in.

While considering Safari, it can handle RSS feed unlike Chrome. It also has the best JavaScript performance. Also, if we compare all the 4 on rankings earned, Firefox stands out as no.1 leaving others behind.