White iPhone?  Yup! We have been hearing about it for quite some time and now this Apple handset is really going to be white in UK.

There is much fuss about whether this will be the first landing of the white handset on British land or it already has visited that land as many customers claim that they have seen it in the Apple Store. However, the Car phone Ware will start stocking the phone from today.

Londoners have been  making searches with keywords like iPod reviews UK to know a lot about this charming gadget and now they may search for iPhone reviews’ or for a white iPhone, as the product is due in UK soon.


For 16GB only

The white is available only in 16GB device: the same iPhone you love a lot and know well but not well enough when you try and use 3G.

O2 and the Carphone Warehouse will be going to launch the iPhone on pay much sooner than you are expecting, some friends say.


 sPhoto by TanManPhoto


So, no more wait until the Christmas rush to pay some unblessed cash for the phone as you may get it in October. Awesome.

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