Windows Mobile 6.5 HTC Touch Diamond2

This new Windows mobile with grand looks and the Flash collide on the demo video. It is known as the Windows Mobile 6.5-ish skin for AT & T or the HTC Touch Diamond2.

There is a model that was very similar to it in terms of looks with the skin color and overall design. But the final build shows it is really that of a pretty high functionality.

The final build is raving for attention as the WinMo 6.5 has My Phone and QR Codes going for it. There are a few Zune inspired ideas and takes to be found in the phone. It has a great way of handling flash and is preparing well for the releases for Christmas.

This phone is surely going to make its presence felt with glare and with all the combined features it is coming with, people are going to enjoy it well into next year if all things go well.

Source: engadget

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