There are going to be 5 runners up winning Wolfenstein according to their very own format choice and Xbox Elite consoles with the new contest happening as a big game in the UK. The entry conditions apply to UK based citizens only. Wolfenstein is regarded as the big daddy among FPS.

Before anyone was familiar with Doom and Quake, the Wolfenstein was making revenue in the market, due to its soaring market. With the Wolfenstein hitting the market, games’ company has never been able to look back in terms of making big money. The game has always nabbed the 1st position in the UK.

It has even outdated games like the Xbox 360, PC and PS3 to focus on William BJ Blazkowichz. It is a character based game and is very interesting giving you all sorts of challenges that you could expect while playing this World War II rendition in this matured and well spun game.

 sCredit: techradar

To win an Xbox Elite console, click here and answer the asked question that follows.

Source: techradar

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