Nanoscale spaser opens the new dawn for computer technology. They have now developed this sensor and solar tech that is here to bring you a big missile busting laser technology that gets you to headlines. These smalls laser beams is about to change the future of computer technology totally.

Purdue University in Indiana has its own set of researchers on this field. The laser beam is just about 44nm with its span being billionth of a meter. It is so tiny that it could fit into a blood cell! None of the beams of current measure could be small enough to integrate into any standard or very small electronic chip.

The new technology is all about the beauty of the tiny ray of strength. This ray or beam is surrounded by small glasslike shells that contain a type of green dye.

The plasmas generate a kind of photon particle that is great for its emitting, powerful light. This dye reveals a gold core on being amplified further.