The new Xbox 360’s Netfix Movie Parties get disabled and probably for Starz Play titles. This recent block has been like a reiteration of November 2008 when there were some films being blocked by Sony Pictures.

Regular viewers can take this rather hard and these blocks are demanded updates from them. The blocks from Netflix have not been good news for most viewers.

There are Xbox Live Dashboard updates that were chosen for selected movies only. They excluded the fun from the group sharing of Movie Parties mode.

The guilty videos from Starz Play have however been removed and the Xbox 360 toting friends and family have had thousands of ways to come with revamping the catalog.

So no one gets to watch “Pineapple Express” with the movie cataloging not scheduling itself. The 360-toting friends and family will be surely missing these features with the new problems cropping up!

Source: engadget

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