Xiaomi will release a wired keyboard with mechanical switches for just $25

The Chinese company Xiaomi, according to online sources, is preparing to release the Wired Mechanical Keyboard. As can be easily guessed from the name, we are talking about a wired input device with switches of mechanical type. Often such keyboards are used by fans of computer games.

The novelty will get a full-size form factor with a block of digital buttons on the right side. Overall dimensions will be 426 × 122 × 38.5 mm, weight - about 940 g.

Buyers can choose between modifications with two types of switches - Green and Red. In the first case, a good tactile connection with a rather loud click is provided: such a solution will suit, above all, fans of games. The Red switches are designed for users who regularly type large amounts of text.

Keyboard is compatible with computers running Windows and macOS. Multiple Keys Rollover ensures the correct recognition of a large number of simultaneously pressed keys.

Switches have a lifespan of up to 50 million keystrokes. White backlighting is provided. The estimated price of the new product will be 25 US dollars.

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