There were just glimpses on the internet that made the blades of the rumor mill run. Yup, we are talking about Sony Ericsson’s the Xperia X5 that has a touchscreen and 8MP camera.

The speculation didn’t cause much surprise as Sony Ericsson is one of the mobile makers considered to have a high-end touchscreen phone ‘under process’.

But you must note that these rumors are consisted of somewhat more than basic specs and have some spy pictures( though it may prove nothing more than fiction) at present as well.

The specs reveal that it will be available with an 8GB internal memory, a huge 3.2-inch touch screen (‘that’s not too fantastic’ as they say), Wi-Fi and 3.5G connectivity. Let’s wait and see when we find more specs details in different PDA phone reviews

Isn’t it strange that even Xperia XI is not available and SE has directly jumped to five with Xperia X5?

Perhaps’ it’s a made-up cell phone or perhaps we would see the next four in that budding Xperia family very soon.

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