yahoo-logoThe Internet pioneer Yahoo announces that its going to shut down its GeoCities service in the later half of this year.

GeoCities is a web-hosting site that provides hosting accounts with considerably low cost and it was back in 1998 when Yahoo purchased the site against $3.57b.

Web has been flooded with such sort of sites since then, and despite a considerable decrease in website hosting, GeoCities seemed quite promising and attracted almost 177m visitors during 2008.

In the Customer Help section of its sits, Yahoo states that: “The process of letting new customers sign up GeoCities accounts is being discontinued, as we have decided to focus on provide help to our customers in building new relationship with our customers in some other way.”


The site is being closed, but Yahoo still asking its users to move to its another free web service known as Yahoo! Web Hosting.

Yahoo has urged that information of website will be secure till the coming summer, but it has also mentioned that users will get updates on the way they can save their data on site before switching-off.

The existing accounts of the site have not been changed and these existing customers can enjoy the services till later this year and they need not to change anything right now.

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