Yahoo is now thinking of sale of killer domain names on cheap

Internet giant Yahoo is no different from other dot com companies as it also facing tough times in the hard economic recession. It has started restructuring its plan and strategy the result of which is the shutting down of it services.

It interesting project, Gallery was close a while ago and now it has decided to sell off its domain names as well. This happened last night when the mighty company sold its domain, during a live auction last night.

The fact that is not digestible is the rate at which it sold the domain. is one of the important killer domain names that Yahoo owns and has been widely appreciated by the people.

But Yahoo has sold it last night for only a mere price of $380000 is what is making people think what has happened to the company.

In this regard it is worth mentioning the rates that and sold for which is $5.1 million and $3 million respectively.

Source: techcrunch

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