YahooEven with Gmail being ever so popular Yahoo Mail is still on top among mail users. In a recent survey even though speculations were higher on Gmail, Yahoo proved to be the first choice for users worldwide. Next come Windows Hotmail with Google Mail on the 3rd spot. The followers happen to be AOL Email, WebMail, AIM Mail, ATT Webmail, Verizon Webmail, Roadrunner Webmail and

However Google is gaining popularity fast but it would be long and a great leap for it till they catch up with Yahoo’s No.1 position if they keep growing in the current speed.

ComScore’s latest figures are all about the e-mail market showing Yahoo as 106.2 million users strong. This year it is about to grow into this new market reaching even some more million users.

Yahoo Mail

Google still has a lot of catching up to do but with the current pace they just might in the next year. Microsoft’s Hotmail is also growing fast with 47.1 million users while Gmail only boats of 36.9 million users.

Source: news.cnet

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