YouTube offer TV Shows and Films Online

TV Shows

Now the YouTube introduce new level of internet in the market of internet. YouTube offered their subscription of most wanted channel and major TV show on the YouTube.  This service allows users to watch major new TV shows and films online, according to a senior Google executive.

There are many broadcasters such as Channel 4 and Channel Five have already forged deals with the Californian website to show full-length programmers online, the company also introduced new service for subscribers yesterday that it may consider paid options as well but this option is good and facilities of TV shows and other media is very well on the internet.

Reuters, Google executive David Eun, who is the in charge of partnerships with media companies explain this point on their interview. He said that this paid subscription service and soon available in the internet market. We try to convince more TV channels and Hollywood studios to sign up this contract for media promotion on the internet.

Charging of users depends on the deals of revenue split from the commercials attached to the progammes and films but this service has remained free for users and to make the money through advertising. The free service is limited deal with the Google.

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