UK govt. may censor internet

HughesNet: Really high-speed internet at your doorstep

Internet explorer 8 RC1 released by Microsoft

The new web feast is set up; Microsoft has launched its RC1 of Internet Explorer 8. Microsoft is strongly hoping that this version of IE will dominate the web world for long. Read more →

HughesNet: A real fast and secure internet service

Majority of users seem struggling when it comes to get fast internet speed, as these users often have to face problems when they want to finish their work quickly, but their internet connection doesn’t allow them to do so. Read more →

Embedded internet TV envisioned by Intel and Yahoo

Tencent: The largest internet portal in China

instant messenger is the product that gives recognition to Tencent which is the largest internet portal in China. Recently, they have reported about the number of users on its QZone social networking service. Read more →