Motorola ROKR E8 Mobile Phone Review

Motorola Z9

Motorola still No.1 handset maker in the US, Strategy Analytics reports.

Another batch of 4000 Motorola Employees To Go home

Motorola H720 – A Review

Motorola H720 is a Bluetooth headset, which carries the flip boom design of H17, H15 and H710.It’s a black plastic body while the buttons and the boom mike are shiny silver in appearance. Read more →

Motorola ROKR E8

Motorola ROKR E8 has been designed to offer a nice user experience for talk and music. Read more →

Motorola introduces fastest mobile broadband in UK

Motorola V3i: A brief review

After the super-slim RAZR V3 success, it was expected that Motorola would consider an updated version of it and here we are with the Motorola V3i. This superb handset has almost everything that was praiseworthy in V3 and nothing of its bad one. Read more →