The Nokia 8800 Arte

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Nokia joins forces with New Alliance to establish mobile services joint venture in China

Nokia join the largest country of the world for their customer. Nokia has joined with New Alliance which is an investment company and also the part of the Shanghai Alliance Investment Ltd at Beijing, China. Read more →

The Nokia N97: New flagship model from Finns

With QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen and 32GB storage, Nokia has just unveiled the Nokia N97: the new flagship model. Read more →

Nokia is Now More Focused on Pushing Social Networking

With the limitless opportunities that social networking sites are here to supply and promote, Nokia is not hastening further to grab their chances at social networking site further on. Read more →

Nokia X6: A Review

The strength of music gripping the veins of consumers, the Nokia X6 is the one when the music got more interesting. A sleek and stylish product, one would love to carry among others and bring a prosper personality. It is as good as, driving a James Bond, Austin Martin. Read more →