Privacy Policy

We respect our visitors and readers privacy but to keep up data and get rid of spammers and hackers we remain in a quest to get some piece of information of visitors of our site.

Some important points of our privacy policy are as follow

Privacy Policy:

  • To know the whereabouts of our customers and visitors some analytical tool like Google Analytics are used .In this connection data related to IP Address and used operating system is collected but this data is handled with intensive care and not shared to a third party.
  • A blogging software named as wordpress is used to have little information from users computer during his/her comments But this is very little in size and almost impossible to be hacked for information
  • Any resource or available material on the site can be read and utilize freely but copy of the content is not allowed.For more information please read Copyright Policy.
  • Third-party-advertising companies are available to give out online ads when sour site is visited and this companies can use your related information but not your name, email address or telephone number. The sole aim behind it is to provide ads goods and services of interests to you.

Policy regarding comments

We appreciate all kind of comment a reader gives but these comments must not disrespect page or some post. Suggestion and remarks are nice but they must not hurt feelings and make people think miserable.

Blogger are growing on internet like mushrooms. It has become a mark of many professionals as well as of the companies to have Blogs.There is blogger community that is based to respect each other and it must not be disrespected via irritable comments.

Comments let people know what have done but at the same time wrong use of comments is on increase. You can tell about your problem but have no right to make other feel miserable.

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