Facebook on Hiring Frenzy

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has increased company’s work force by hiring people like crazy. The recent increase in the number of employees has been about 50%. Read more →

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Facebook Pages to get new look

Facebook redesigned third-party app directory

During the last two months, Facebook has redesigned almost each and every part of their site, and things are still being changed as the social networking site has come up with a new design of its third-party application directory along with the new interface. In this new app directory different Facebook-verified applications Read more →

Facebook opening up its site core to third party developers

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Facebook declines $8b Valuation Term Sheet

Facebook – An Effective Marketing Tool!

This social utility has quickly taken over the Social Networking space and provides a secure environment for people to interact with family, friends and others in the most efficient manner possible. The common belief now is that it will soon leave MySpace behind. Read more →