Twitter Limiting Key Strokes For Each Message!

Twitter Incorporation has limited the number of keystrokes up to 140 per message. This move has been referred to as copying the old telegraph style. Read more →

Latest Ideas Working through Twitter

Some of the latest ideas that are being put in Twitter blog have meant to bring you great benefits in your effort through blogging. The list is about finding the most interesting bookmarks that you could find through Twitter. Read more →

Twitter Counter – Size Does Matter!

Feedburner gained fame due to its unique feature of displaying the total number of readers that are reading a particular blog. It helped famous blogs reflect the huge reader base that they have developed. Read more →

Dude – Dell’s Making Money Off Twitter!

You believe it or not it is true that the world 2nd largest PC makers Dell says it has made $3 million using twitter alone. Read more →

New Twitter Video Application for BlackBerry

TwitVid is a new application from Twitter that brings you easy ways to share videos on Twitter. This is quite an interesting application that makes Blackberry App World quite free. Read more →